Incentius announces partnership with a leading organization that provides quick, affordable, collateral-free loans Marketing December 23, 2021

We are proud to announce a partnership with a rapidly growing Bengaluru-based fintech organization that provides capital loans for small and medium-scale businesses.

There are millions of small enterprises in India. Many of these enterprises lack capital and would not be a good fit for the current banking model. Top companies are mastering the art of evaluating tiny firms based on their digital and informational footprints, their ability to repay, and accordingly helping them in provisioning fully fund zero-collateral loans.

In this partnership, both the companies share a vision of mutual collaboration, end-user success, and growth opportunities for years to come. Given that the organization’s entire business model revolves around online loans, their portal happens to be a mission-critical element that needs continuous monitoring and ongoing optimization. Incentius will be using their DevOps expertise in setting up application monitoring to track usage trends, site performance, and overall traffic growth as well as issues that negatively impact the application’s performance. Additionally, a CI/CD pipeline will be set up for a faster time to market, shortening the review time and optimizing the overall code quality of the application. 

This partnership will enable Incentius to expand its service portfolio and provide scalability to solve the industry’s access to finance problems.

“Our team is excited and thrilled to be a part of a probable revolutionary platform and will continue to focus on the mission of improving the overall effectiveness in the current process,” said Amit Jain, Co-Founder and Director of Customer Success at Incentius. “We are proud of what we have achieved until now and look forward to continuing our relationships with our valued customers and clients with an unwavering commitment to focusing on productivity enabled through deep business knowledge, new-age technologies, and innovative cloud platforms.”

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