About Us

Incentius is an organization that builds great software. We specialize in architecting and building scalable and highly usable solutions and applications for organizations across the globe. Our primary focus is on designing highly efficient, functional user interfaces, utilizing modern standard technologies and frameworks to deliver innovation and end-user delight. We have repeatedly demonstrated this across a variety of industries, organizations and business models.

We were founded in 2013 with a vision to provide software product development, data engineering, business analytics, operations, and reporting services to organizations across industries. Our leadership team brings in decades of product development, analytics, and consulting experience that enables us to understand client needs and design intuitive, user-friendly solutions in an efficient way. We have nurtured a deep-rooted culture of a partnership that provides us the impetus to work closely with our clients right from design to implementation to rollout. A strong inclusive culture and SPRINT (Service Orientation, Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Nimble, Teamwork) core values mean our designers, developers, and analysts are a part of the journey to translate visionary ideas to robust and user-centric software products, solutions, and reporting dashboards with modern intuitive interfaces. We have a dedicated team that works with startups across areas such as FinTech, EdTech, E-commerce, etc., and turns their ideas into reality. We work with large organizations to design and deploy web-based management applications to drive efficiency, governance, and automation. 

Our focus is fourfold.

  • Deliver high-end enterprise systems, and mobile applications by leveraging secure & scalable open-source technologies and cloud ecosystem (AWS / Azure / GCP).
  • Enable startups to launch their ideas quickly by building their ideas into MVP and rearchitecting MVPs for scale.
  • Help enterprises enable data strategies through key systems like MDM, data lakes, etc.
  • Design & develop high-end analytical solutions and enable the data-driven enterprise through visual, interactive business intelligence dashboards, reports, models, and services.

Our deep business, data, and technology expertise can be a force multiplier for enterprises and startups looking to build, grow and scale their organizations.

Our founders

Strong consulting and analytical background, deep technical and business expertise, strong cloud expertise, constant focus on innovation and research, alumni of top Indian engineering colleges.

  • Sujeet Pillai

    17+ years of varied experience including enterprise application design & development, consulting, business process management, and analytics. Technology expert with enterprise systems development, cloud infrastructure optimization, and API integrations as key strengths

  • Amit Jain

    17+ years of varied experience working with global consulting firms such as ZS Associates and Synygy. Supported global organizations across industries for their product development, sales performance management, data analytics, business intelligence, and operational needs

  • Mohit Dubey

    16+ years of varied experience including process management, and sales compensation analysis, reporting. Key strengths in operations, administration, finance, compliance and general management

Why work with us?

Capabilities, features, and opportunities across technology, business, data, and governance to achieve customer excellence.

Technology Expertise

Full-stack development capabilities with a focus on new-age front-end UI, backend development frameworks, and best practices. We believe in writing simple, clean, and standards-based code that makes it scalable & flexible

Cloud Expertise

Use databases, search engines, virtual machines, storage and compute resources on cloud-native services to maximize availability and resilience on AWS, Azure, GCP

Industry & Functional Knowledge

Learn from the evolution of other industries. Design user interfaces by leveraging new-age technology frameworks & user engagement trends. Design KPIs & metrics such that it allows for interactive deep-dive, supports idea generation & innovation

Leverage IT investments

Leverage in-house tools and technologies for product development, data engineering, and BI reporting. Capability to use open-source technologies such as Python for product development, data management, integration with other applications

Data Engineering & Management

Ingest, cleanse, and validate data from varied data sources with the click of a button. Design processes to master, transform and store data. Apply complex business rules including statistical filtering, outlier management, etc.

Put AI/ML to work

Develop AI/ML models to replicate the decision process within enterprise web apps and mobile apps. Integrate trained AI/ML models into your organization’s business processes to achieve operational excellence, automation, and continuous improvement

How We Work

Resource Augmentation

Experienced team to support your temporary and permanent technical and business needs at reasonable rates. We can provide specific skills related to frontend, backend, ETL, BI technologies without you having to go through the traditional recruitment cycle

Fixed Scope & Price Project

Ownership of project delivery based on the defined scope from technical as well as business perspective. Our engagement includes all aspects of delivery such as technical development, data management, quality management, project management, and timely communication

Consulting (Time & Material)

Assess existing technology ecosystem, system architecture, scalability requirements, and data engineering & modeling needs by leveraging industry patterns, technology frameworks, business knowledge, and data benchmarks using subject-matter experts

Managed Operations

Dedicated operations and QA resources who can work as an extended team member to help meet your ongoing data management, BI reporting, change management, and analytical needs for a defined scope taking complete ownership of ongoing delivery